Orgy Parties

Orgies incorporate just about everything I love! Fucking in front of others, black cocks, cum, girls, and I almost always get all the guys so in a way it's a gangbang! Way back before I even know what orgy parties were I used to attend and host adult friendly type parties in Virginia. They would just be very open sexual and whatever happened, happened. Most of my parties are still the same way. There's no pressure for anyone to do anything. They are just open to all couples and some single guys, everyone drinks, mingles, and then whatever happens, happens! And usually that means a LOT of fucking!

This was a Memorial Day weekend orgy party at my house in Lake Havasu, AZ. That's my friends, Alanna and Kacey on the floor with me helping suck and fuck guys that attended the orgy party. You can also see another couple and some guests in the background, and you can't see a ton of other guests on the back-side of the camera!

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