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These are the different types of parties that I host. This should clear up any and all questions about the parties in general. If we have anything that doesn't fall into these listings we'll be sure and let you know beforehand. Also if there are ever any exceptions to these guidelines I will let you know...

  • Getting together for a beer and Bar Meets.
  • Every now and then we'll host some informal gatherings at a local watering hole. These are totally relaxed - a chance to come out and meet me, chat, ask some of those questions that've been burning a hole in the back of your mind - and have a few beers in a completely unthreatening atmosphere (not that any of you would ever feel threatened by me anyway!) The best thing about these get togethers (for ya'll) is that if you chicken out at the last minute you don't even need to talk to me, you can just have a beer and vamoose, and I'll never be the wiser! Depending on the crowd and the atmosphere these events can last anywhere from a couple hours to closing the bar. Previous events of this nature have sometimes included flashing and playing around in the bar, but, it always depends on the situation, my mood, and other factors. Also, occasionally these bar meets carry over into an after-hours party back at a hotel room or my house. These can be just to hang out longer and have more drinks, or they can be sexual in nature. It just depends on the crowd and what I want to do! I travel once or twice a year and host bar meets in different cities. So stay tuned to my Calendar of Events to see if I'm coming near you!

  • The full-fledged OPEN swinger party . . .
  • I've been to alot of parties, but none of them have ever compared to the ones I've hosted! We take the same basic structure (the keg, the munchies, the music and a boatload of people) and add a kick - an adult theme, an open mind, an area dedicated for couples only - you get the idea! They're quite wild!! We've had everything from February beach parties, where we've filled our basement with sand and held a wet t-shirt contest, to male slave auctions . . . from Saturday afternoon crawfish boils to BDSM demonstration night! Some parties turn out relatively tame (like hanging out at home with your 20 closest friends, throwing some darts, drinking some beer, playing some card games) and others are wilder than your wildest fantasies (like girl/girl strip and toy shows, gang bangs, and huge group orgies!) BUT, pretty much the same words of wisdom apply here as for any other of our parties - don't think that coming to the party is a guarantee (or even the slightest bit of an intimation) that you're going to get laid (unless you come with your S.O., then what happens is entirely up to you!). We generally post a set of ground rules around the house for your reading pleasure (alas, if you don't stick by them you will be thrown out). Examples of some rules include: do not go into the couples-only area if you are a single, unless you've been invited by a couple; if you are a single invited into the couples-only area, you must stay with the person/couple that invited you; don't touch anyone that doesn't want to be touched; don't do drugs in my house; don't come if you're underage; etc. Pretty standard swinger-party rules, and mostly just common sense, but I find it necessary to post anyway (which is too bad, I wish more people had more common sense!). Also, if you don't want to be photographed and appear on the site then please tell me when you arrive. And a final word, unless you clear it with me first, please do not bring cameras to the parties. The parties are not photo sessions for guests and people tend to get nervous (and some, not me of course, even get turned off) when there are 20 guys with cameras wondering around the house searching for something to shoot. Most of these parties are open to everyone, though I do try to keep the ratio of single guys to couples somewhat in line. You will have to email me for an invite, so that I can keep track of who's coming and know how much food to buy! And if you say you're coming, you really should show up - otherwise you might get blacklisted for future events (sorry, its a HUGE pet peeve when people tell me in email that they're going to do something, and then don't do it when it comes down to crunch time).

  • Photo Shoot Parties/SlutDays
  • Some of our parties are set up to be more of a photo session than an actual party. However, we like the comfortable feel of a party atmosphere so we try to make them as much like a party as anything else. Usually these are Slutday events and include me banging the guests while we take photos. Examples of these parties would be our annual Superbowl Slutday where I tend to the party guests while they watch the superbowl and then after the game everyone gangbangs me! These parties require an invite and only a certain amount of people are invited. Generally we only allow those who can be in photos and are willing to sign a model release to attend these events. To get invited to these events you must send me a photograph of yourself. The best way to do this is to email Sati at sati at arka dot com. We are constantly throwing these types of parties, so even if you don't see anything listed on our schedule, pop a note and let us know you're interested in our next photo shoot/party. Also, if you fill up a slot for one of these parties and do not attend, you most definitely will not be invited back to any of our future parties (including open swinger parties). I know that's harsh but the worst thing in the world is for us to think we've got 20 people coming to a photo shoot and then have only three show up (it happens.)

In conclusion . . .

Now that I've given you the complete and total run-down on all the parties we host, please don't send me any e-mail saying "tell me more about your parties!" There is no more general info to tell. Check out the calendar for a schedule of events, send me ideas for themes, and let me know if you want to come out! If you want to be on the party e-mail list (we periodically send out annoucements when we plan new events for those of you that don't want to be checking the site every other day - though why you wouldn't want to do that is beyond me!) you can sign yourself up by clicking on the "O-NewS" icon above. If you have any other questions just check out some of the pictures in this "parties" section, or in the "slutday" section. (OK, if you have any other questions AFTER you check out the pictures, then you can send me a note!) Hope to see you all soon!!

- Oasis