First Webgirl Meet - 06/05/14 - Tampa
OK, I'm >SURE< this was taking things a bit far because one of the other webgirls said "This isn't a swing club." But it wasn't my fault! I was drunk and the guys led me up to the DJ booth to gang fuck me and I was absolutely powerless to stop it. Fireball is evil! But, obviously, it was a FANTASTIC bar meet for me! I left with 7 loads of cum in my pussy leaking all over my boyfriend's car seat! And I'm pretty sure the guys had a good time too! Obviously this isn't going to be the norm of my bar meets, but nice to know that if there's some semi-private areas, you can get away with this sorta stuff!

Also, I know Oasis never blurred faces, and I agree that it looks stupid. I also heard that if you're in a public place like that you don't need to do it. But it was my first time with that group and I didn't want to step on any toes (anymore than I did, I guess) so I just thought this was easier for now!

Also, my BF caught almost this entire thing on video on his phone. It's dark, and not all that great, but it shows me getting fucked by a large group of strangers right in a public bar!