I love reading and writing erotica. A lot of the stories I've written are real encounters that I've had. Others are based in truth but partially made up to make the real stories better. And then some are just complete fiction erotica that I wrote because the story popped into my head and got me all hot and bothered! I add stories every so often so check back to see my new stuff.

I've also joined the world of blogging and created my own personal blog at cum2oasis.blogspot.com. I'm relatively new at blogging, but I think this'll be a lot of fun. And you guys can keep on top of what I've been doing both on and off the web, as well as listen to all my not-so-deep and personal thoughts :)

Also, this is also where I keep my O-News archives. I send out the newsletter once a month and it includes preview pics and a new video clip in each edition, plus my current travel/party/event schedule. If you'd like to receive my bitchin' newsletter, sign up HERE.

O-News: Current Issue

Adventures of Oasis: This is a new section of my erotica. I've had some great feedback on my stories over the years, so I decided to start a section of "adventures" that I update regularly. These stories may be a single episode, or each one may be just a small piece of a very lengthy story. I will only keep the latest adventure here on this page. So if you keep checking back you will keep up with the story. The archive for all of these adventures is in my members area.

Fantasy Reality: Another new section for my erotica page is my visual erotica. These particular stories are accompanied by images so you no longer have to wonder if what you're reading really happened or not! Full galleries from these stories reside in my members area.