TRIP on 12/4/2011:
I Miss Your Great CAMZ Shows, Hope To See You Again Gorgeous.
Lance on 9/13/2011:
FYI, Tree was one of the MD (or somewhere east coast, I think) webgirls. I am fairly sure we met her at one of Jen & Dave's parties way back when.
on 9/11/2011:
creampie cleanup guy
on 9/11/2011:
very sexy Oasis, i will be visting the usa soon would love to meet up. i would love to clean up creampie after creampie as guys fill you. i am tonned tanned 7 inc cut hot body,you are welcum to film let me know if this intersts
Oasis on 9/6/2011:
Who the hell is Tree?
Nexxxt Design on 9/5/2011:
LOOKING FOR TREE??? We would like to move a site and cant find her if anyone can get a hold of her have her contact me at
Milffucker on 8/11/2011:
Oasis, You have got the sexiest hips I have ever seen. I would love to eat you from behind while you suck a big black cock
Caliguy209 on 5/30/2011:
hey sexy heading into your area really soon!!!! to see my sister and have been a fan since waaaay back would really be nice to maybe slide into your famous delicious pussy e mail me luv!!!! sam yim
AmsterdamXXX on 5/25/2011:
I've been enjoying your bareback, creampie, public and exhibitionist action for some time now overhere in Amsterdam Europe and WOW you are one awesome, hot, dynamite chick. Usually a guy has to beg his slut to do away with rubber
Cum Cleanup on 3/21/2011:
Nice-looking white male would love to be your cum cleanup slut after a gangbang or bukkake. I'm very sincere. Will travel. Paul
Cum Cleanup on 3/21/2011:
Nice-looking white male would love to be our cum cleanup slut after a gangbang or bukkake. I'm very sincere. Will travel. Paul
Pauly_3737@Yahoo.Com on 2/24/2011:
I would love to watch while you are gang banged then after you are full of cum and drenched from head to toe I would lick your creampie clean then fuck you too.
Oasis on 2/18/2011:
Awesome Joe! Love to hear it :)
on 2/10/2011:
hi oasis im joe from ireland still follow ur site since years
Adams on 8/11/2010:
I eat cum too
Big Man on 3/15/2010:
When you do get back east, you need to cum to the old country book store in Waverly VA. Some good glory hole action there!
David on 3/11/2010:
did you eat cum recently
Oasis on 11/20/2009:
I have no plans to be back east anytime soon, but you are definitely welcome to come to me! See my Party Calendar for my schedule.
HardOne4u on 11/19/2009:
I just caught your show on privatecamz. saw that you do meets, and wondered when the next time you were making it out to florida or if you allow people to come to you.
Toronto Guy on 7/17/2009:
well it would be good for you to come to canada toronto i have a big black cock waiting for you here
Oasis on 6/22/2009:
I haven't been able to play abroad as of yet, but I'm hopeful :)
Surferboy290@Hotmail on 6/22/2009:
wow, what a lady! Do you ever play out of the country?
on 6/1/2009:
really looking forward to you putting up the memorial day weekend video
on :
Oasis on 4/7/2009:
I do most of my traveling in arizona, nevada and southern california. i occasionally get elsewhere, but those trips are generally just once a year.
Bob on 4/7/2009:
Do you ever make it to Missouri ?
Saint on Saint:
love to hook up with you on love to hook up with you :
love to hook up with you
Saint on 2/19/2009:
Let Me know when you make it back out to Florida.
Oasis on 1/28/2009:
Huge chance! Just email me here: and we'll set something up!
on 1/28/2009:
hey i live in havasu any chance we could meet up
Xolotl on 12/18/2008:
You have the cutest breasts.
Oasis on 11/10/2008:
I certainly hope to get out to NYC again someday! But, of course, if you come out to Havasu, then you wouldn't have to wait :)
FuninNYC on 11/9/2008:
Think you'll have another meet in NYC again? Or am I going to have to visit Havasu some day? Ha ha : )
Oasis on 11/8/2008:
Sure have! We had a barmeet followed by a LOVELY gangbang in my hotel room :) Then Lance and I went out afterwards - must've been about 3 or 4 am and hung out at a cool little bar for a bit. I LOVE NYC!
FuninNYC on 11/8/2008:
I've known of you for years and have checked out your site many times (have been a member a couple times, too) and was curious to know if you've ever had an adventure in NYC?
Oasis on 10/15/2008:
I'm not sure how much "acting" happens in my movies, but if you're interested in participating, go fill out the video application at
Yasemin on 10/15/2008:
can I act also in your movies?
Oasis on 10/6/2008:
yes, halloween is definitely on! we'll be partying in Vegas this year on Nov. 1st. we'll get the promo page updated asap (last year's is at
Captcanada on 10/4/2008:
great your halloween party still on???