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DoggyRyder69 on 2/4/2012:
Can I be in your videos? always wanted to be in an orgy.
Oasis on 12/14/2011:
which party was it? i know there is some video of a couple of those events, but we weren't really shooting a lot of video way back then.
Rubdownpro on 12/13/2011:
looking for video of a party i attended in your house in pasco county florida in the late 90's would be great to find it!
Oasis on 4/13/2011:
Its usually a few months before the newest DVD is available via SlutBucks.
Davidsalazarii on 4/13/2011:
Is it possible to get "SlutQuest Vol 1" using O-Bucks?
Oasis on 2/26/2011:
Hehe...I have so much SlutQuest stuff...I could probably do 10 volumes. :)
Brian on 2/25/2011:
Any plans to do a 2nd Slutquest DVD with Nebraska footage? :) all are the greatest!
Lance on 1/19/2011:
Well sure, it took us weeks to edit, weeks to do the graphics, weeks to gather up all the footage, not to mention run the risk of getting caught by doing all those things in public. But by all means, we should put it where you can view it for free. What the fuck is wrong with people these days?
Oasis on 1/19/2011:
The entire Real Sex in Public DVD is available to view from my member's area.
Willaem4456 on 1/19/2011:
I am looking to see that Real sex in public and i cant find the video anywhere on the there any way to see it for free?
Harley Uk on 8/19/2010:
shes such a slut i want to fuck her too
Oasis on 2/25/2010:
Our newest DVD (My Wife Went Black) will be available on o-bucks as soon as we start pre-ordering the one that comes next. I think Lance is deciding now what he's going to put together next, so hopefully it won't be too long :)
Bobothevandal on 2/24/2010:
Can you buy the new DVD with OBucks?
Lance on 1/28/2010:
I do have the video...but it's not on anything. I'm not even sure if it's on her own website. I'll see what I can do about that.
BIGKahuna on 1/24/2010:
Lance, did you ever find a copy of the CJ video from your birthday? Do any of the DVD's have her in it?
Qayed69 on 1/15/2010:
i love u sooooo mach oasis & hop 2 visit my country "dubai" gad bless u
Lance on 1/10/2010:
As of right now, you don't. I'm not even sure if it's on her website for members. Will see if I can't locate it from somewhere.
KP on 1/9/2010:
What ever happened to CJ? I tried purchasing CJ - The Birthday Gift for Lance from Amacovideo but the link is not functioning. How do I get a hold of this video?
Oasis on 1/6/2010:
I have no clue ... I've only hung out with Tish a couple of times ... we were never very close friends ...
Johnny on 1/6/2010:
where has Tish gone???
Oasis on 3/3/2009:
Jaime is no longer running her site ... I have no idea if she still might be active in any of the swinger hook-up sites (aff, etc.). you'll have to look around for her.
Playboy on 3/2/2009:
your friend jamie is hot. is there any way to contact her. im craving her.
Unlashak on 1/27/2009:
I love your site and you Oasis. If your ever in the Albuquerque,Sante Fe area please get in touch I would love to host and show you a great time
Volltage on 8/4/2008:
Oasis is one of the sexiest ladies alive, and she's fucking and sucking she always has that cum drunk look in her eyes.
Lance on 6/16/2008:
Hey gang! To help celerate the upcoming July 4th we've slashed the price on Oasis' Porn on the 4th of July DVD to only $15 from now until July 4th! If you've wanted to purchase one of her's your best time!
Oasis on 4/22/2008:
Generally about a week.
Tugster on 4/22/2008:
How long does it take to process and send out one of your DVD's?
on 4/5/2008:
on 4/3/2008:
Chipper on 1/24/2008:
As a fellow entrepreneur, I appreciate the way you have built an obviously successsful business based on your passion. You are beautiful in more ways than one - continued WILD SUCCESS in all you do!
Oasis on 9/9/2007:
To countries where its legal to ship adult video, of course :)
Oasis on 9/9/2007:
Yes, I do.
Jason on 9/9/2007:
Do you ship the videos internationally?
Joe Ireland on 8/17/2007:
oasis would u like to fuck an irishman coz i very much like to fuck u
Oasis on 7/30/2007:
Yes, you can order by snail mail. Download the order form at
Randy on 7/29/2007:
On the checkout page it only has a credit option, can you order by money order,cash,check?
PREM on 7/11/2007:
Enormouspenis on 3/26/2007:
jusi watch Orgyhouse 1. By the end I had hair growing on my palm!
Hughskuntz on 3/22/2007:
OOOOhhhh Oasis, I'm going to have a real solid wank,,,,soon I'm going to fuck you........Hughy.
Matt on 2/21/2007:
Wow! I love the pictures. Especially yhe last picture which shows how ou look when you get it in the ass
Oasis on 2/16/2007:
Got any comments about my new DVD page or the DVDs themselves? Post it here!